Bryan Pollen

Life Coach

My name is Bryan Pollen and I am a dynamic Life Coach who specializes in the equipping of teens to achieve specific life-orientated goals and dreams.

I believe that if we impact this generation and equip them with the necessary skills needed to flourish, we will automatically have a better future of leaders, parents and society at large.

Equipped with an arsenal of skills ranging from addiction and wellness to business to finances as well as street smarts, I believe I am highly qualified to assist teens in becoming who they want to be.

With that in mind, I have been running an effective and successful high risk behaviour program for teenagers for the past few years and work one-on-on with students as well.

What I am trying to say is with me in your corner you won’t go wrong, and my results speak for themselves.

Dawid Lamprecht

COO Gapyear 2021

My Name is Dawid, the COO at Fearless Life Gap year. One of my main objectives is to help young people find out who they are and to experience growth in all areas of their life.

With the Word of God as my foundation, I believe that as it says in Ecclesiastes 11:9, that people should enjoy life and follow their heart desires, while they are still young and in that, become accountable to God.

Structure, efficiency and coordination are just a few of the strengths brought to the table as well as a foundation of faith in Christ, fostered, through 11 years of experience in Youth ministry. Leading young people in their relationships with Christ is my top priority.

Having said that, I had worked as the youth leader for more than 8 years at a church in Rustenburg before moving to Ekhuruleni and becoming the Youth Pastor for Word and Life. Recently, I have moved on to become part of the executive committee of Fearless Life and further pursue my passion for leading and inspiring young people.

To ensure the success of young people is forged deeply within my heart and I endeavour to use all my passion, skills and knowledge to help the next generation of youth succeed.

Karien Keeve


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