The Fearless Life curriculum is designed around four fundamental processes. Each one is unique in its ability to assist the student in reaching their full potential. It also ensures maximum exposure to various walks of life in both the business and church world. Fearless Life will be equipping you for the many challenges that life will hold.

From Bible study to Business models, from Social development to business acumen, it is all covered in our syllabus. This type of insight and exposure is not readily available anywhere else.



* Discovery * Growth * Influence * Success

Some of the exciting things to look forward to during the year:

Personal Development 101
Essential life skills * Ethics * Personality Profile * Emotional intelligence * Leadership Development * Group dynamics * Effective Communication * Critical Thinking * Conflict Management *

Street Smarts / Life 101
Personal finance and budgeting * Entrepreneurship and Basic business management  * Self Defense * Basic do-it-yourself skills * First Aid Training * Household skills (food preparation, housekeeping) * Wildlife Course * Culinary Course * Diving etc. * And more

Adventure 101
Hiking and wilderness expeditions * Horse riding* White River rafting * Geckoing * Abseiling and rock climbing * High Ropes * Field Survival * Bird and tree identification * Camps *

Future Planning 101
Job Shadowing * Compilation of a Résumé * Career Mapping

Relationships and Marriage 101
Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Relationships * Parent / Child Relationships * Dating Gods Way * Being Single Gods Way“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.” Danny Kaye

A choice of one accredited short course will need to be completed during the Gap year.
Accredited Courses
* AutoCAD/Inventor
* Mathematics / Engineering
* Computer Programmes (Microsoft)
* Soft Skills Training 
* Health and Safety Training
* Merseta Short Skills Programmes
* Online Training
* Theology Training
* Engineering (Mechanical and Electrical)

The program starts  the last week of January
and ends during November.
Class times
Mondays 13h00 – 16h00   
Tuesday – Friday 08h00 – 12h00
    Thursdays Prayer 06h00 – 07h30
After Hours
Students are encouraged to work after hours to start building work ethic and a sense of responsibility. This personal endeavour will also go towards earning money for various outings and expenses throughout the year.
On Friday and Sunday evenings we will give support to Word and Life Church and volunteer at various events.
Matric subjects can be repeated during the year (*only by prior arrangement*) and enough time will be available for personal sports, studying and hobbies.
The same as Gauteng public school holidays.